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VR Box Virtual Reality 3D Glasses Headset


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  • Name: VR BOX
  • Material: ABS + PC, Eco-friendly
  • Weight: about 330 grams
  • Lens: Aspheric optical resin lens
  • View angle: Equivalent to watching a 100-inch screen at a distance of 3 meters.
  • Other: Supports myopia users within 600 degrees.
  • Silicone mask design
  • Compared with other VR glasses with sponge eye mask, the silicone gel is more comfortable, not absorbent and hygienic. The ergonomic design ensures that the three points of the head are balanced with the stress conditions.
  • Wide Compatibility: VR glasses are suitable for phones, for Windows phones with internal screen size (approximately) 4.7-6.0 inches
  • Apps Virtual Apps: There are more than 300 virtual apps available for download, and you can enjoy amazing 3D effects! (Note: in order to get the correct view, you must choose “Split Screen Mode” from the 3D VR content of the specific app downloaded in the Store!)
  • Adjustable design: You can adjust the position of the aspherical resin lens slightly by rotating the gear at the top of the 3D VR glasses in the range of about 58-76mm / 2.28-2.99in, then you will get a good movie experience. Up.
  • Protect your eyes: The blue light on your phone can damage your eyes. Putting on the blue coating film, the lens of the glasses can reflect the blue light of the smartphone and protect your eyes.


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